About Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, Texas
The climate is mild, the location and lifestyle ideal, and our robust economic climate is tailor-made for a number of kinds of businesses.

Whether you’re seeking a place to grow your business or an incomparable quality of life, Gillespie County will exceed all expectations. In the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Gillespie County is by many accounts the most beautiful part of the state, and Fredericksburg is the jewel in its crown. Close to both Austin and San Antonio, Fredericksburg is a sophisticated small town, a community that welcomes and supports newcomers.

Quick Facts

A bit of what makes Fredericksburg and Gillespie County a great place to open a business, start a family, or begin a beautiful retirement:

  • Top-ranked public and private schools, pre-K to college, and the Texas Hill Country University Center where residents can pursue dual credit courses, certification, and degree programs.
  • An independent health care system that consistently ranks among the best in the nation. More than 130 physicians represent over 30 medical specialties that are supported by assisted living facilities, fitness and rehabilitation centers, and a full range of health care providers.
  • A lively arts community for all ages, with opportunities to study, perform, mentor or volunteer.
  • A wine industry that is approaching world-class status.
  • Unique and high-end shopping.
  • A rapidly growing airport with 5000-foot runway and complete terminal services.
  • Close proximity (within 1.5 hours) to two international airports.
  • Mild weather and abundant outdoor activities, attracting more than one million visitors each year. Biking, camping, hiking, fishing, golf, hunting, and swimming can all be enjoyed practically year-round.
Fredericksburg, Texas

More Information

The Gillespie County Economic Development Commission has a wealth of up-to-date information about Fredericksburg. Some notable pages are:

Community Information

Details on population, education, climate, finance, recreation, attractions, healthcare, media, and churches.


Population, household income, and age distribution.

Elected Officials

Get contact information for the elected city, county, and state officials.


Information on electric, telephone, gas, water, and sewer systems.

Cost of Doing Business

Information about wages, taxes, municipal services, and city government.

Downloadable Documents

Download copies of the community profile, six-year barometer, and county traffic counts.

Purpose-Specific Resources

Agricultural Land Use Guidelines and Standards

Thinking of buying land to use for agricultural purposes? Gillespie county has guidelines and standards you should review first.

Bed & Breakfast Establishments

If you’re considering opening a B&B, you’ll need to apply for a permit and follow established ordinances.

Other Resources